Hi, I'm Chelsie | This is me on a very good day. I'm a freelancer, mom blogger and artist.  Motherhood is hard - I like keeping it real
and sharing all of the struggles 
with the good. 
I'm here to help you 
navigate mom life at ease while
sharing tips, travel adventures
must-have finds that
won't break the bank.

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My story |

starts with my husband and I raising our two beautiful children here in Kansas City. They are Irish twins so life is crazy around here. With that to say, parenting is the hardest, yet most rewarding adventure and we wouldn't trade it for anything!


I love connecting with other moms and helping them with baby / toddler hacks I have learned throughout our journey as parents.


Motherhood is magical yet so hard - I am here to remind you that you're not alone.

When I'm not creating |

you can find me spending time with my little ones, reading, listening to a motivational podcast, binge watching murder mysteries.  I am a lover of hot yoga, cycling, running, lattes, happy hours and naps. 


My husband and I enjoy visiting local breweries - it’s kind of our thing. Naps are my favorite, even though let's be real, they are rare these days.

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C H E E R S  |

to mom life, laughing through motherhood and learning

to embrace the chaos!